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Tracing its origin to 1986, Soldier arose out of the Bay Area metal scene when founding member’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jimmy Arceneaux (pronounced Are-sen-nah) and bassist Marc Allyn decided to form a new band after exiting a top-40 act they were in at the time by the name Rexx. Initially recruiting guitarist Rick Hunter following an audition, the two later brought on board drummer Al Whalen, who contacted Arceneaux after receiving a referral from Hunter. With its line up solidified, Soldier proceeded to record its first demo, Louder Than Hell from 1986, and critically acclaimed second, the full length and 24-track effort Babylon released in 1988.

Soldier went on to become quite the prolific live act, and not just in its native Bay Area, where it shared the stage with local favorites such as Vicious Rumors, Vain and Y&T, but also Los Angeles from having played at the first His Festival, Metal Mardi Gras and the Metal Midnight Festival. In between, Soldier also performed with some of the better-known bands within the Christian metal scene, including Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Deliverance, Gardian, Holy Soldier and Messiah Prophet.

All good things, nonetheless, must come to an end in that subsequent to placing the tracks “Borderline” and “Tears” on the 1988 California Metal II compilation, Soldier - much to the bemoan of metal fans worldwide - disbanded the following year without having signed a label deal. The group became one of the biggest ‘fish stories’ in that regard (at least in terms of the one that got away!) in ranking alongside Apostle, Paradox, Chariot, Armada, Paragon and a host of others as one of the better Christian metal bands of the era to have never put out a label based release. The good news, however, is that in 2002 M8 Records re-issued Babylon and Louder Than Hell along with the California Metal II tracks as a limited edition release under the title The Definitive Collection: 1985-1989. (From

Jimmy Arceneaux – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Rick Hunter – Guitars
Marc Allyn – Bass
Al Whalen – Drums

The songs "Borderline" and "Tears" appear in California Metal II.
Members can also be found in Regime and Walk The Sky.

Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal
United States of America (San Francisco,California)
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2018 Babylon & Beyond (2 CD) 284
2018 Babylon & Beyond (White Vinyl LP) 252
2002 The Definitive Collection 1985-1989 1940
1987 Louder than Hell 1491
1986 Babylon 1613

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