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HAMMERTOWN came together in March of 2000.
We chose the name HAMMERTOWN because it represents a spiritual bond between us. Hammertown Lake is the city water source for Jackson Ohio, where we are from.

Our first independant full length CD was recorded in June 2001, with 10 self-produced songs (executive produced by Joe Waters at his studio and engineering school in Chillicothe Ohio - The Recording Workshop), and was engineered by instructor Brian Muth. Some of the audio included here from the 1st album has been replaced by live recordings by Daniel Davidson on church sound equipment.

Our 2nd and final CD release was an 8 song album produced and engineered by Rick May who has been the drummer for artists such as DC Talk and Jennefer Knapp.

As a Christian band our vision was to be a growing force in secular music with a style that reaches a broader audience and bridges the gap between Christian and secular music much in the same way as P.O.D., Sixpence, DC Talk... etc.

Our focus and drive originated from our desire to see God effect the lives of people who have never known God, or who have walked away. To plant a seed of faith, and to share with them our witness of God's power.

Around 2004-2005 Hammertown disbanded, and few years later, singer Jason Sickles was killed by a drunk driver.

Some of the shows that we've played:
Cornerstone Festival 2003 - Bushnell, Illinois
Spirit Song Festival 2003 - Paramount’s Kings Island, Cincinnati, Ohio
Six Flags / Wyandot Lake - Christian Music Festival 2003, Columbus, Ohio
Crossroads Music Fest. 2003 - Circleville, Ohio
Fusion 360 - Lancaster, Ohio
Gathering Grounds, Dayton, Ohio
Vineyard Church, Grove City, Ohio

Hammertown is:
Jason Sickles (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
Shawn McGhee (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Jed Elkins (Bass, Vocals)
Tony Allard, and Wesley Smith (Drums)


hard rock
Jackson, Ohio
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