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This Beautiful Mess

> Lydia Wever : vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes & synthesizers
Lydia is also the lead-singer of Brown Feather Sparrow. She also plays in Jodi’s Doorstep with Stefan van Maurik (Satellite7).

> Arjen van Wijk : vocals
Arjen is also the singer and keyboard player of Brown Feather Sparrow. Arjen has also played the bass in Rollercoaster 23.

> Axel Kabboord : guitars & drums
Axel is also the guitarist of At the Close of Every Day and produced the records of various bands. Axel has also been the drummer in Danish noise band Glorybox.

> Abne Herrebout : bass
Abne is also the upright bass-player of Rowing on the Lakes of Kanada. He also drew the artwork for several bands.

> René de Vries : drums
When Joop decided to quit This Beautiful Mess, Axel picked up the guitar. We asked René, who also worked on both our albums, to drum for us. René has his own studio, where he records and produces bands. He has also been the singer of Rollercoaster 23.

The Netherlands
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Year Title Rating Views
2007 Away With The Swine [Japan Import] 469
2006 Away With the Swine 504
2003 Temper The Wind To The Shorn Lamb 695
2002 Clean (Maxi-Single) 630
2002 Fly Anna Fly (Maxi-Single) 628
2001 Falling On Deaf Ears 3758
2001 Clean (Single) 458

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