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XD Out

XD OUT, which means Out For Christ, continues to write music that brings hope and points the way to salvation. It's this ideal; to live their lives "Out For Christ" which inspires the music and words that make up their songs.

XD Out is a rock band that consists of Josh Haynes ( guitars, backing vocals), Chris Haynes ( bass, vocals ) and Dave Brudnicki ( drums ).
They make straight forward rock with heavy guitar riffin’ and good vocals.
This 8 song ep is well produced by Barry Blair (Bleach) , Joel Wegleski and XD Out.
Enjoy songs like “Free”, “Lay me down”, “Born Again”and “Salvation” to name a few.

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
U.S.A. PA and CA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2017 Better Day 403
2006 Born Again (EP) 1037
2003 Awakening 1356
2001 XD Out 1042

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