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Wanting to return to his post-punk roots and play something other than grunge, Bill Power dusted off his bass and cleared his throat to front Blenderhead in 1992. Bringing out lots of emo-ed out angst over a layer of unified power-pop caught the attention of Tooth and Nail Records, who eventually released the EPs Prime Candidate for Burnout and Blue Tile Lounge in 1994. With Blenderhead's settled in line up of Matt Johnson (drums), Ed Carrigan (guitar) and Eben Haase (guitar), their first full-length Muchacho Vivo came out the following year. Unfortunately, during their first US tour with labelmates MxPx, Blenderhead disbanded in 1995, eventually putting out a self-titled "goodbye" EP the following year which actually was a re-release of their first demo recorded in 1993. As the new millennium came to a close, Blenderhead regrouped to release Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture on Tooth & Nail in late 2000.

alternative pop/rock, indie rock, punk revival, emo
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2015 Self-Titled 4 Song Demo 563
2000 Figureheads on the Forfront of Pop Culture 1269
1996 Blenderhead (EP) 1125
1995 Muchacho Vivo 1310
1994 Prime Candidate For Burnout 2528
1994 Live at the Blue Tile Lounge 813

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