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Clash Of Symbols

After the Altar Boys broke up, vocalist/guitarist Mike Stand formed the CCM quartet Clash of Symbols, a hard rock band with catchy pop melodies, much like Weezer. Rob Goraieb (guitar, vocals), an ex-member of the band just plain big, joined the group, as did Bob "The Greek" Wohler (bass, vocals), who was a member of Breakfast with Amy, Uthanda and CIA. Drummer Steve Latanation, the last member of the Symbols to join, previously played in the band Brighton and toured with Bryan Duncan, Randy Stonehill, Rick Elias, New York in June and others. Clash of Symbols has released the EP Sunday Is an Altogether Different Proposition and the full-length debut Begging at the Temple Gate Called Beautiful.

AOR,Hard Rock
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Year Title Rating Views
1995 Begging at the Temple Gate Called Beautiful 8488
1994 Sunday is an Altogether Different Proposition 4153

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