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The Prayer Chain

Ground breaking band in the genre of alternative rock. The Prayer Chain formed in February 1990 when Campuzano & Prickett's band Laughing Boy broke up at the same time as Taber's band Tapestry broke up. Campuzano knew Taber through a Bible study group. Taber both sang and played drums originally, though drum machines were also used. The band auditioned Everett to play drums later that year at a Prayer Chain show in California.

Their first album, The Neverland Sessions, was released independently, was recorded with Steve Hindalong at Neverland Studios. After signing to Reunion Records they put out the Whirlpool EP and started touring, while focusing on their first LP, Shawl, released in 1993.

Alternative, Indie Rock
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2015 Mercury [LP] 133
2011 Humb 270
2005 Live @ CBGB's 362
2003 Here Comes the Rust 390
1998 So Close​.​.​.​Yet So Far 351
1996 Antarctica 699
1995 Mercury 875
1995 Mercury (Limited Edition Collectors Set) 340
1994 Live 653
1994 Live (8-song EP) 238
1993 Shawl 907
1993 Crawl/Like I Was (7" Vinyl) 266
1992 Whirlpool 789
1992 Neverland Sessions 568
1992 Shine (7" vinyl) 249
1991 The Prayer Chain (Demo) 182

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