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38th Parallel

38th Parallel was a Rapcore Christian band formed in Ames, Iowa. Prior to signing the contract they received extensive attention in Iowa markets along with other CCM artists. Yet unknown, they were entered into a talent-seeking contest for giants of Christian music called Word Records. They rejected a contract offer in order to reach a wider market, rather than signing with Squint Entertainment.

After the dissolution of 38th Parallel, vocalist Nate Rippke formed the band Sons of the Republic. Vocalist Mark Jennings, guitarist Jason Munday and drummer Aaron Nordyke formed Harry Potter-themed electronic band Ministry of Magic ..

In 2005, 38th Parallel released the demo tracks during their second album, which were never recorded.

On August 2, 2006, Mark Jennings announced via the band's MySpace blog that 38th Parallel is unlikely to release another album. The decision was influenced by changing priorities in the personal lives of members.


Mark Jennings - Vocals
Nate Rippke - Vocal
Jason Munday - guitar
Jeff Barton - bass
Aaron Nordyke - drums

Rapcore, Rock
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2005 Unreleased Demo Tracks 963
2002 Turn the Tides 10675
2001 Let Go (EP) 1203
2000 38th Parallel 1447

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