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OVERCOME : The first band to officially join Facedown Records. Overcome was the cornerstone of success for Facedown in it's early years with their 5 song CDep The Life Of Death. Prior to that, Overcome released a split 12" with Clay and N.I.V. on Boot To Head Records, a full length on Tooth and Nail Records (Blessed Are The Persecuted), a 7" on Life Sentence Records, and another full length on Tooth & Nail (When Beauty Dies) but were dropped from the label for not touring enough. Overcome went on to record the album Immortal Until Their Work Is Done which was released in December of 1999. The band broke up in 2000 and did one final summer tour with Figure Four (their second tour ever). Overcome re-united for 2 re-union shows for the 2003 Facedown Fest.

After Overcome broke up, 3 of the members went on to form the death metal band Indwelling. Indwelling originally signed with the now defunct Clenched Fist Records, but after over a year of delays and problems with the label, they then signed with Facedown for the release of their debut and only album "And My Eye Shall Weep". Unfortunately they never played outside of Arizona and California before they disbanded.

(source: Facedown Records)

Phoenix, Arizona
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets 840
2011 The Great Campaign of Sabotage 3970
2001 More Than Death 5256
1999 Immortal Until Their Work Is Done 4137
1998 Overcome 611
1998 The Life of Death 2101
1997 When Beauty Dies 4108
1996 Blessed Are The Persecuted 5021
1996 As the Curtain Falls 528
1995 Overcome 458

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