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Troglodyte Dawn

Troglodyte Dawn is a band comprised solely of Randy Michaud, vocalist of Tykkus.

TROGLODYTE DAWN was conceived in the summer of 1995 in Spokane, Washington as a “one God and one man” project by Randy Michaud (formerly of East Coast metal unit, D.T. SEIZURE, and CCM worship project, ARISE.) During the next seven years and after a move to Phoenix, Arizona, the inspiration for the music on the debut CD was written and recorded. These songs and instrumental pieces reflect the artist’s interpretations of real events in his own life and in the lives of those around him set against the spiritual backdrop of his faith in the Living God. Since its completion early in 2003, the CD has been promoted and distributed solely by the artist’s own hand, word of mouth and via the Internet. TROGLODYTE DAWN draws its influences from several diverse and unlikely places. The sound and somber mood of BLACK SABBATH's doom-metal stylings are ever present, as are frequent seasonings of world and ambient music purveyors such as OUTBACK, BRIAN ENO and TANGERINE DREAM. Elements of worship music such as KEMPER CRABB's work can also be heard, since the artist’s ultimate purpose is to reveal God to mankind by any means necessary and to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Tying up the whole package is the lyrical content, which contains a message that is directly inspired by the Holy Spirit, Holy Scripture and the journey of this life coupled with the hope of the next. A question you may be asking right now is, “Since this is obviously a faith-centered and God-inspired project, why not just stick exclusively with Christian organizations for its promulgation?” To this question Randy replies, “For some reason, I have found that the Church and much of Christendom is not particularly comfortable with honest and passionate expressions of worship and reality in music. They seem to be satisfied with what I call ‘formula worship’ and ‘safe music’ that seldom steps outside man-made musical and expressive boundaries that have been formed in the last few years. To me, that’s not necessarily an expression of worship, that’s being religious about music and fearful of being labeled a ‘performer’. I was extremely passionate and I rocked hard when I was in the world and doing it only for myself, so I find it unacceptable that I would not be even more passionate and rock just as hard, if not harder, now that I’m doing it for Jesus. I believe my Savior, and the world for that matter, will accept no less.” TROGLODYTE DAWN is currently looking for kindred spirits in the Phoenix, Arizona area to form a unit that is able to play these compositions live in local and limited settings abroad. Christian musicians in the Phoenix, Arizona area can contact Randy at the band’s email address on the contact page. TROGLODYTE DAWN is also working at present on the follow up to the debut CD, which promises to be yet another step forward in the evolution and progression of the sound and concepts set forth on the debut. In conclusion, Randy states, “I’m not in a position to tour the country or the world selling myself to the masses. I have a wife and a child at home and, after my relationship with God, they are my first priority. But I also have a burning passion to create music that maintains artistic integrity while speaking into peoples’ lives and pointing them towards Christ. What I’m seeking is a relationship with a label or organization that is willing to support me as an artist and that has a desire to put good music in those ears that would benefit from hearing it. This support could be shown by the prospective organization believing that the music speaks for itself, funding it’s creation and making collaborative efforts to find creative ways to promote and distribute it that do not destroy me or my family by keeping me out on the road for months at a time. I realize that this is a lofty goal, and a lot to ask of anyone, but I believe that it is time for a new direction that supports and encourages artists to live, create and thrive instead of burning them out with impossible lifestyles. In the end, my epitaph will not read ‘I Sold My Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll’, so Caveat Emptor!”

doom metal, stoner rock, ambient
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2019 Kyna: Whalesong (SINGLE) 212
2014 Fallen World (single) 918
2014 Kyna (single) 916
2014 Zatanfallen (single) 877
2014 Flaatinslang (single) 901
2014 Ant Tattoos [Retold] (single) 935
2014 Kyna: Outtakes [Bandcamp Edition] 909
2014 Kyna [Bandcamp Edition] 919
2014 Troglodyte Dawn [Bandcamp Edition] 943
2014 Lust (Suite) 1038
2014 Zatanfallen³ 1048
2014 Succubus 1099
2014 Mystoric (box set) 1064
2014 Zatanfallen³ 212
2010 A Night of Doom 973
2010 Rock the Purple 977
2006 Kyna 1266
2006 Kyna: Outtakes 888
2003 Troglodyte Dawn 2257
1996 Lust/Look on the Cross (single) 830
1995 Before the Dawn (demo) 1015

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