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Third\Crow Biography
Third/Crow was formed in 1996 with the vision to share a love for God and for hard rock music. Their mission was to share the message of Jesus Christ with a dying world, as well as provide edifying Christian music to believers as a godly alternative. For the saved they want to motivate them to deepen their relationship with the Lord. For the unsaved they want to challenge them to have a relationship with Jesus. Overall, Third/Crow wants to show people how awesome it is to be a Christian. With this purpose in mind, they began the long arduous process of filling the band lineup with like-minded men of God. That process was complete in May of 1997 and the original five-piece band known as Third/Crow began its ministry. After a reorganization of members in 2000, and a shift in musical direction the band is once again moving forward to share a positive message with the world.

The Name
The name Third/Crow references Peter’s three denials of Jesus. In Matthew 26:34 Jesus said, “…before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” After these denials Jesus restored Peter. He went on to do a mighty work for God as a pillar of the early church. From a broader perspective our name, Third/Crow, symbolizes the redemptive work done on the cross by Jesus. No matter what a person has done to deny God in their life time, Jesus is willing to give a “Third/Crow” wake up call that he is Lord and redeem them from their sins.

Groove Metal
San Jose, California
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2007 Silence Alters Nothing 876
1998 The Denial 1024

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