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7th Servant

Seventh Servant was formed back in 2006-2007 by Vocalist/Guitarist-John Greely(Iced Earth) who then brought on Bassist-Dave Abell(Iced Earth) & Drummer-Adam Yoder who later passed away-{RIP}. Abell was replaced by Bassist-Ginger Sizemore in 2008. Yoder was replaced by Drummer-Todd Dowdy who stayed with the band up until 2016 where he passed away {RIP}. Dowdy was replaced by Lee Gibson(Blakkout) who played for the band up until 2017. Gibson was replaced by Drummer-Shawn Walker who is the current percussionist.
Seventh Servant has its origins rehearsing down in the basement of Vocalist and founding member - John Greely's house.‚Äč The current band is comprised of three members with Vocalist/guitarist-John Greely(Iced Earth, Qua-Z-Modo, The Razor's Edge), Bassist-Ginger Sizemore(The Kool Kats), & Drummer-Shawn Walker. The band hales from Ocoee, Tennessee and deliver up some of the finest Melodic Power Metal to be had. Some Metal fans might recognize John Greely for his work with the band 'Iced Earth' specifically on their 1992 release 'Night of the Stormrider'.
Concerning the reason behind this project John Greely states: "I believe the time is near but everything has to happen that it says in the book before it really happens. We still have some time to change our minds about a lot of things but we think it's a wake up call though."
"With original music, Seventh Servant embodies the same metal spirit
as it's predecessors and strives to carry the heavy metal banner into battle."
In 2018 Seventh Servant stepped onto the Power Metal scene with the release of their independent 2-track EP titled 'The Benediction'. This project is a work in progress that will be added to two tracks at a time until it is completed. This is the beginning of what is considered to be a concept album that when finished, will walk listeners through the prophecy found in the book of Revelation practically word for word as found in the text. This debut EP was independently released which might lead one to believe that the production is going to be lacking throughout. However, what we find is quite the opposite with this release being recorded at 'The Sound Lair' the sound quality is tight and of the highest level.
I feel that the band's timing for stepping forward and onto the Metal stage couldn't be more timely with all the prophetic signs that we are observing around the world every day. We are witnessing the prophecies in Revelation unfold as we see mass animal die-offs on an unprecedented level, Waters turning blood red, a huge Uptick in Earth quakes , signs in the stars, strange weather phenomena, Hail storms on a biblical level, - and on and on...

Power Metal
Knoxville, Tennessee
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