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Jesus Joshua 24:15

Jesus Joshua 24:15 is a power trio from St.Pauls, Nc. who's sole purpose is to take the simple gospel of Christ to the streets.

As a power trio, they have a full, hard hitting metal sound and lyrics that lift high the name of Jesus.

Vocalist: Steve Pettit
Drummer: Bobby Shepherd
Guitarist: William Rauser
Bassist: Jay Woody

The band is based out of Saint Pauls North Carolina. A small Mayberry like town located just south of Fayetteville on I 95. Bobby and Will live in Saint Pauls while Steve and Jay live in Fayetteville. The band began in 1995 with Bobby and Will followed by Jay a short time later.

Originally a four piece band with Jay on lead vocals, the band went to power trio status after their bass player left. Jay stepped up to play bass and sing lead as they pushed their first project "The Time of My Return", recorded in 1997.

Little did they know that October of 2000 would be the last show for some time. Upon God's instructions, they began preparations to transform their small rehearsal room into a recording studio. They began recording "Once and for All" in December of 2001 and after getting four songs tracked, had to start over in June of 2002.After several songs were tracked, the trio realized that their vocal skills did not stack up to their instrumental skills. Only one person was up for consideration as front man of the band.

After he declined, God dropped Steve's name in the mix. Having had known each other for some time, they decided to give it a try.

"Once and for All" was finally completed in May of 2003 and Jesus Joshua 24:15 has now found a home with David Kelsey and Soul Joy Records. With a new sound and a great CD in hand, the band is ready to go wherever the Lord leads them to take the good news of Jesus Christ to those who most need to hear it.

North Carolina, USA
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2006 Three the Hard Way 1219
2005 Black and White 1196
2003 Once And For All 1338
2001 The Time Of My Return (ReIssue) 3813

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