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Leonov is a Norwegian post-rock band based in Oslo.
Our music is inspired by the motions between the hope/despair, darkness/light, dependence/vulnerability life is filled with. We aim to encompass the chaos in the world and the hope that hides within it. To do this, every tone is important, and our biggest priority is to use a lot of time on making our songs. Our songs are expressed through a mix of slow and heavy parts, floating tones and rythmic breaks. The light and soft vocal breaks with the dark and heavy repetitive instruments.

Leonov formed late 2010. The members of Leonov are folks from the Sub-Church

Quote from Nordic Fest 2015 website, "Imagine the sounds of a desperate voice in a stormful night. A woman crying in the howling wind. That is the sound of "Leonov". Behind a wall of distorted guitars and crashing cymbals you can hear the voice of a woman, full of emotion and melancholy.

Post-Rock, Metal, Doom
Oslo, Norway
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2016 Eucharist 169
2014 Leonov (Vinyl) 354
2014 Leonov (CD) 216

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