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Orationem (pronounced Oh-Ray-Shun-Em) is Latin for the word “prayer”, specifically referring to spoken prayer. This is a black metal project that has a very traditional “mid-90’s” black metal sound and performance. The music ranges from extremely fast to mid pace, with very emotional melodies. The lyrics focus entirely on prayers to the Almighty God in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Yes, this is “Christian” black metal.

The project is shrouded in anonymity, not because of shame, but to minimize personal glorification and maximize the spiritual experience. For this reason, Orationem itself will never create a Facebook, YouTube, Reverbnation (or other social media outlets), make an effort to “sign” with a record company or “mass advertise” through forums or blogs.

This project, however, absolutely condones those who take the aforementioned approach with their art. Those who discover Orationem have been contacted by the project directly, and are more than welcome to spread the word of its existence by any means they desire.

Black Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2016 Pure Peace and Joy, Love and Kindness 907
2015 Orationem 4782
2015 Fulfiller, Sustainer, Preserving Protector 5427
2015 Not Live in Central Illinois - A Night of Black Metal for Christ 830

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