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Iron Mercy

Iron Mercy has been rocking the Christian Rock Metal scene for several years now. We put God first in everything we do and the gifts he has given us we give back to all of you. The lead singer Timothy L. Maupin has also put out an full album with TMG called Gifts. He is also a published author of a book called Touches Of Grace. Iron Mercy is made up of true dedicated Christians just reaching out to their fans where ever God would open a door. The music a mixture between Rock and Metal with a little edge of contemporary Christian music. The full album has a little of several genre available. We just love music of all type from all different regions. We have even played in some R&B styles all the way to southern rock, but we like it best when we are rocking it out. The love of the Lord is what got us started in music in the beginning and we just want to continue it in the same manner. The music has ran out to audiences form Church style all the way to the biker scene. It seems to cover a lot of styles of listeners and that's what makes us a little different in a sense. Enjoy Iron Mercy!!!

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Laurel, Indiana
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