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Worldview features members from iconic bands like Sacred Warrior, Deliverance and Recon. Album mixed and mastered by Bill Metoyer [Fates Warning, Slayer, W.A.S.P.]. The album features guest appearances by Oz Fox [Stryper], Les Carlsen [Bloodgood], Larry Farkas [ex. Vengeance Rising], Jimmy P Brown II [Deliverance] and more. Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Jorn].

Worldview formed in Los Angeles when George Rene Ochoa (Deliverance, Recon, Vengeance Rising) and Rey Parra (Sacred Warrior) spoke soon after their mutual friend Rick Macias (Sacred Warrior) passed away. He had always encouraged them to form a band together and though they were miles apart, Rick thought that it would be a great collaboration. Regrettably, he passed away before this would ever take place. So George and Rey decided to form this union to honor their friend and thus Worldview was born. The lineup includes the addition of John Gonzales (Recon, Deliverance) on drums and Todd Libby on bass guitar and keyboards. Ronson Webster also joined them as co-songwriter and background vocal guru. The Worldview unit was now complete.

The band took to the studio and recorded two songs that received a tremendous response on the Internet. The band quickly reached #3 on the Reverbnation Metal Charts. Soon after, they announced the release of their full-length record that was to be released and it was hailed the “Most anticipated release of 2014” by several critics and fans. Various delays have set that date back but it is now slated for a 2015 release.

The Worldview first release will be entitled “The Chosen Few” and it promises to deliver high energy and melodic power metal to the eagerly awaiting metal-listening community throughout the planet.

This release is packed with a host of celebrity guest players: Oz Fox (Stryper) playing a blazing lead guitar, Les Carlsen (Bloodgood) laying down a dramatic guest vocal, Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance) cutting some low and powerful background vocals. Larry Farkas (Vengeance Rising, Die Happy) shredding with his tasty licks, Armand Meinbardis (Rob Rock) from the country of Latvia, dazzling with his violin and piano playing, and Niki Bente gracing the record with her lovely voice on the title track.

Mixed and mastered by the infamous Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Sacred Reich, Tourniquet, Trouble, Armored Saint, Deliverance) and produced by George Rene Ochoa, this record promises to deliver the metal goods. The last time these two worked together was for the legendary Deliverance “Weapon’s Of Our Warfare” record.

George recalls, “It has been a pleasure working with everyone on this project. I feel that all bring their unique flavors to the table. Ronson Webster has been a great asset as a co-writer and an awesome background vocalist. Oz Fox was so gracious to do a lead (and a great flashy one!) in the midst of his busy schedule with Stryper. Les Carlsen came into my studio and nailed the vibe that we needed. He is a great brother and phenomenal vocalist. Jimmy P. Brown and I have remained friends over the years and he is one of the most talented people that I know. What a great background vocal Jimmy recorded! Larry Farkas is one of my really good friends and an awesome guitar player. It was only natural for me to include him. Armand Meinbardis is another busy musician that everyone wants to use. He is way beyond me and it is an honor to have him play on this record. Niki Bente was a referral by another friend Ray Vidal. She came into the studio, and added that female touch the record needed. Finally, Bill Metoyer is one of the nicest people on the planet to work with. His ear is impeccable which makes him an outstanding mix engineer. He really helped me to sculpt this Worldview record to be all that it could be. I would work with Bill again anytime.”

Worldview is currently gearing up for a live show and they are finishing filming and editing their music videos which are to debut sometime in 2015.

With all of this talent and history, Worldview “The Chosen Few” debut album is a must listen for all true fans of metal.

Power Progressive Metal
Los Angeles, CA USA
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