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Over Mortal

Melodic hardcore punk rock bearing an uncompromising message of truth, absolutes, unwavering resolve, and hope.

Over Mortal was founded by three highschool friends in the Fall of 1999. For the next two years, Over Mortal recorded an EP, one full length album, shot one music video, and played several local Christian venues and festivals. After several member changes, the band split up in the Fall of 2002.

In late 2012, founding member Nicholas Mahaffey decided to revive Over Mortal. Though none of his former bandmates decided to return, they gave their blessing, and he began writing and recording at his home in rural North Carolina. On January 1, 2014, Over Mortal's first EP in over ten years, "Dangerous Fundamentalists", was released independently.

Recently signed to Veritas Vinyl

Pop Punk
North Carolina
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