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Syzygy is:
Carl E. Baldassarre – (Composer/Guitarist)
Sam Giunta – (Composer/Keyboardist)
Al Rolik – (Bassist)
Paul Mihacevich – (Drummer/Percussionist)

Syzygy: emerging from the fire, smoke, beauty and charm of industrious Northern Ohio (USA), this progressive rock quintet offers what would seem a contradiction of form and time, yet their amalgam speaks to a truer quality. A “syzygy” is an alignment of three celestial bodies in a gravitational pull. In this case, these bodies are “Pitch, Pulse & Purpose.”

A direct quote from Carl E. Baldassarre, "I write to honor God and glorify Him for the gifts He’s given and to bring people to a greater understanding of the gift of music that God has given the world. Where I depart from contemporary Christian music is the “4 minute song” and contemporary worship methods. All things of light, truth and beauty in dedication to Him, brought as first fruits, are an instrument for His kingdom and thus glorify Him in their telling (whether they are 4 minute miniatures or 70 minute symphonies – to wit: Beethoven’s 9th).

Centuries ago, the greatest composers of all came from the church (Bach, etc.) and they mastered the fundemental elements of music (pitch and pulse) in the highest form possible with the additional element of “Purpose”. By combining pitch, pulse and purpose they created imperishable musical masterpieces that glorified God."

Progressive Rock
Cleveland, Ohio USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2014 Cosmos & Chaos, The 20th Anniversary Compendium 940
2012 A Glorious Disturbance (CD/DVD) 918
2009 Realms of Eternity 887
2003 The Allegory of Light 885

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