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Poor Old Lu

While sophomores in high school, Nick, Aaron, and Scott started a band they called "Bellbangvilla," composed an album named 'In Love with the Greenery,' and performed shows around the Seattle, WA area. A few months later, Jesse joined the group, and the band changed its name to Poor Old Lu, and recorded its first album under the new band name, entitled Three Song Demo.

In the spring of '92, they recorded their first full-length release, Star-Studded-Super-Step in three days in an empty classroom in their church. After graduation, the band played more shows to even larger audiences and was widely praised for being so young, so original, and having a good message.

Aaron and Jesse's father gave the demo to Randy Stonehill, who in turn passed it on to Terry Taylor, who in turn approached Frontline/Alarma Records. In the summer in 1993, the band recorded its first professionally produced album, Mindsize. This album, produced by Terry Taylor and Derri Daugherty, turned out to be their breakthrough.

The following summer, the band recruited engineer/producer John Goodmanson to create a more raw sound and aggressive edge, and Sin was recorded and released with rave reviews.

In late spring of 1995, Poor Old Lu recorded Straight Six, an EP with a raw and unique sound. In early spring of '96, Poor Old Lu recorded A Picture of the Eighth Wonder, which broke new ground with a darker sound. In late 1996 decided to call it quits, playing their farewell concert in Seattle, Washington in November 1996. This concert was recorded and eventually released as a live disc two years later in 1998 under the title In Their Final Performance.

In 2002 the band reunited and recorded their last album, The Waiting Room for Tooth and Nail Records. In support of this release the band reunited for a number of shows in 2002, playing at select venues in their hometown of Seattle, WA as well as a few select Christian music festivals that included Cornerstone, TomFest and Purple Door.Following an acoustic show in 2011, there are no current plans for the band to reunite again. (from Wikipedia)

Group Members:
Aaron Sprinkle -Guitar
Jesse Sprinkle -Drums
Nick Barber -Bass
Scott Hunter -Vocals

Alternative Rock, CCM
Seattle, WA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2002 The Waiting Room 7916
2002 Poor Old Lu & Serene 717
1998 Chrono (1993-1998) 1155
1998 In Their Final Performance 999
1998 Star Studded Super Step 1149
1996 A Picture of the Eighth Wonder 7550
1995 Sit and Stare (VHS) 1065
1995 Straight Six 4699
1995 Star-Studded-Super-Step [Indie] 779
1994 Sin 8885
1993 Mindsize 8375
1993 Rift / More 838
1992 Star-Studded-Super-Step 692
1991 Three Song Demo 846
1990 In Love With The Greenery 892

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