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Superb Dutch six-man progressive outfit that couples a hard-rock approach with classical flute accompaniment. The end result is a very bluesy sound not unlike early Jethro Tull recordings such as This Was and Stand Up. Only seven tracks, most being fairly long. 70s FM prog buffs will not be disappointed as they experience the slow burn of Keep Quiet and Little Words, or the grungy r&r boogie of All The Way From Fryslan, all with loud potent electric guitar leads. Quality Of Life and Laughing both supply whimsical upbeat moments, the latter making use of ukulele, clarinet, and fuzz bass. Dank U, the only non-English song, provides a quieter symphonic mood before closing with a heavy electric guitar climax. Lively skillful flute work everywhere you turn, plus a few saxophone appearances, all within the prog/classic-rock context. Also nice dreamy background synthesizer adding depth to the sound. Deserves the same recognition as heavyweights like Agape and The Exkursions. Produced by Pete Yates-Round of Parchment and released on the British Grapevine label. (Ken Scott - The Archivist)

Progressive Rock, Blues
The Netherlands
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