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To Leave A Trace

To Leave A Trace is a metal-screamo-hardcore band from Ukraine. The female fronted band are taking their resolute steps abroad, rocking new
places in Europe more and more.
To Leave A Trace was formed in the end of 2007 and only after a year of playing together (2008-2009) they recorded their debut album called “Fight Your Evil Side” released on May 2009. Right after this the band started touring Ukraine and European festivals supporting the new release. The real blast was their next EP album released on 20th of March 2011 named «Boatman Is The Hero» - is a new level of
music appoach that turns attention of every listener. It was recorded in Poland at «Aurora Studios» and mixed/mastered in the USA at «Pink
Noise Studios» by Kelly Cairns.
After EP album release To Leave A Trace were touring in Poland, Chech, and Germany. This year they have more more concerts then ever
before, playing in new countries like Latvia, Finland and Byelorussia.
What makes To Leave A Trace a special band is the intensity and sincerity with which they bring their music and it comes across even stronger
live. They bring their own atmosphere with huge amount of energy making close relations with listeners. There's always a message to be
shared and this all together leaves a trace, no one stays indierent.
Everyone can leave his own beautiful trace on this earth. We are here not just like this, life is given for us with some purpose. Each of us can
create a history, each of us can choose to follow a dream. We call to everyone to to believe in yourself, to believe in God, never surrender,
follow your dream and leave your own trace. (

Metalcore, Screamo, Hardcore
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Year Title Rating Views
2012 Split 7 780
2011 Boatman Is The Hero [EP] 776
2009 Fight Your Evil Side 817

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