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SCENDANT was in 2006 formed by the name Amorém. Back then Josua, Levi, Thomas and Kristoffer were the only members, but later in 2009 Jens joined on bass and backup vocals.
As the years went by ASCENDANT did two single recordings and played several concerts in Denmark and Germany. Eventually they decided it was time to move on - Therefore they began working on their debut full-length album. During winter and spring 2010/11, 11 songs were birthed, finally recorded in BM MUSIC studios during spring/summer 2011.
In connection with the release of the debut album in January 2012, the need for a name change was felt. That all together was the beginning of a new chapter.

Experimental Blackened Death Metal
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2014 Serenity 1101
2012 The Alteration 1046

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