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Ruscha was a Christian rock band formed in the mid 80s, by two Siberian immigrant brothers Nikolai and Peter Pankratz who escaped Communist Russia, then testified to the plight of their fellow believers after safely reaching the USA, where they formed a band at Liberty University in VA.
At first, the band released three albums under the name "The Russians" (The Russians, I Want To Talk To You & Love Forever More).
The band under went a name change for the fourth album called "Ruscha" Testimony in 1987.
Their fifth & most popular album was "Ruscha" Come Alive which in 1988 rose to moderate success. The album included the song "Come Home", which went to #4 at Christian radio in the US in 1988. The original album (defunct Pan-Trax Records, Inc. in Dickson, Tennessee) has been long out of print, but a CD was re-issued in 1996 on an import label (Victor Entertainment, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan). This newer version doesn't have the printed lyrics the US version had, but does have all the same songs in English and cover art.
Their sixth and final album was "Ruscha" Invisible Hands in 1992. This album was very rare because it was entirely sung in Russian.
Three of the members of Ruscha (Andy Denton, Mike Jacobs, & Billy Williams) went on to form Legend Seven in 1990 by Word Records. Andy Denton created the two solo albums Midnight Of Hope in 1999 by KMG Records (Nashville, TN), and 50 Years From Now. Andy Denton was also half of Identical Strangers (Damascus Road Records) with Randy Thomas (Allies & co-writer of Butterfly Kisses (song)) in 1995.

Hard Rock, Rock
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Year Title Rating Views
1988 Come Alive 1198
1987 Testimony 598
1983 Love Forever More 413
1981 The Russians 473
Surprise Christmas Bonus! 195

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