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Cult of Jester

Cult of Jester

COJ is Ed Finkler's primary music project. Finkler released the first COJ demo tape in 1995, and appeared on several CD compilations until the release of Funkatron in 1999. The follow-up Golgo 13 was released in 2001. Since then, Finkler has kept a low profile in music until 2007, when he relaunched the COJ web site and began releasing COJ and Dead Agent material as digital downloads.

Ed Finkler has been making music since he was 16 and picked up his older brother's guitar and started bashing out power chords. 15 years since, he's been mashing up hip-hop, metal, electro, punk, and everything in between to make a musical stew called Cult of Jester (COJ). Finkler is dedicated to making music independent of commercial interests, releasing his work free of copy protection or "DRM" technologies.

Outside of his music, Finkler is a father, web application developer, and graphic designer. His personal website is

Industrial, techno
Lafayette, IN, United States
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2000 Golgo 13 747
1997 Winky Dink & You 769
1997 Funkatron 805

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