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Formed in January of 2006 by Kevin Hasselquist and Brett Turner, Sardis set out to offer the current music scene something a little different. The two worked on writing music and finalizing a lineup. However, by the middle of 2007, the pair officially disbanded frustrated by not finding any other musicians. Not wanting to give up the idea of playing heavy metal, Kevin decided to search for temporary musicians solely to record what was already written. Things worked out better than anticipated. By early 2008, Sardis had a stable line-up of top notch musicians with Sean Roycraft, Jason St.Clair, and Mark Robertson. Since then, Sardis has been working diligently to record its debut album and perform as many shows as possible in the 4-State area.

Heavy Metal
Missouri, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2015 Reel Live Metal 5612
2014 Escape 936
2013 Cries Of The Dead 899
2010 Demo 1000

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