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Lust Control

4 guys talking about sex and other types of lust

Band Members
Gene • Bradford • Bob • Butch
but sometimes
Gene • Stanley • George • Duane
Other times
John Wilson, Doug Van Pelt, Philly Borrero, Mitch Roberts. Don't tell anyone.

Austin, Texas, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2018 Tiny Little Dots (Vinyl LP) 150
2014 Tiny Little Dots [Alt. cover] 941
2013 Tiny Little Dots 987
2006 We Are Not Ashamed: Getting It Right The Second Time 13144
2000 Worst of Lust Control 1398
1994 Feminazi (demo) 1200
1992 We Are Not Ashamed 12618
1991 Fun Fun Feeling 15425
1990 Cheap Alternatives to Empty Vee 1034
1988 This is a Condom Nation (demo) 1370
1988 Dancing Naked (demo) 1331

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