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Vials of Wrath

Vials of Wrath is the Christian-based black/ambient metal solo project of Dempsey "DC" Mills, formerly of deathcore band Bloodline Severed.
"It began in the Fall of 2009, a time when I was not a current member of Bloodline, but still wanted to write Bible-based music in the vein of my many musical influences. Inspired by solo acts such as Ihsahn, Burzum, Xasthur and others, I decided to try my hand at writing and self-producing a few songs. Vials of Wrath is the outcome."


Black/Ambient Metal
Princeton, WV
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2018 Ataraxia 59
2016 Vials of Wrath (Bonus Tracks) 488
2015 Days Without Names 797
2014 Seeking Refuge [LP] 872
2013 Seeking Refuge 1049
2013 Let there be light 984
2013 Vengeance Is Mine 973
2013 Empty Words 1413
2011 Vials of Wrath 886
2011 Vials of Wrath/ Warfrozen split 903

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