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This is Titanic's History according to guitarist and songwriter Bill Menchen:

"We first formed in 1995, in the fall. Me, Simon, Ray, and Tim. We recorded Maiden Voyage in just a few sessions in Las Vegas in December. It was released in the summer of 1996.

In the spring of 1996, Tim left the group. We had done maybe ten shows at this point. We got Steve Lamb (Robert Sweet's cousin) to take over on drums. My cousin Bruce was brought in just before Steve. The whole band lived in the Riverside area, except me. I was the only one who live in Vegas. Bruce was brought in to help the band rehearse.

We had already done a photo session that included Bruce. So we used individual shots of Me, Simon, Ray and Bruce for photos.

In the summer we had a CD release concert/party. The concert was called TNT (Titanic, Neon Cross and Tourniquet). We should have known a name like Maiden Voyage would be bad. That was our last show with that line up.

We had gotten to know Robert Sweet around this time, and he was looking for musicians to do "Robert Sweet's Noise". In December of 1996, Me, Ray, Simon, and Robert did a two song demo covering 'Nightmare' and 'Freak Show'. We were hanging around with nothing to do, and got invited to play a Christmas party at Keith Day's Golgotha music store in Orange county. There was like 20 bands doing three songs each. Sin Dizzy was there. They did a partial reunion with Robert. That was the only concert we ever did as Titanic with Robert.

In 1997 Robert got a backer to do his CD. By this time was calling it 'Blank'. During that summer Simon (Keith) and Ray, ended up being replaced for Robert's project. Larry Worley was in at vocals. We did three tracks for demo purpose. Robert did the bass. I include this part of the story, because this is what became of Titanic. By the end of 1997, Titanic was over.

Then , in May 1998 I got a computer and started recording Rev Seven CDs at home for something to do. I recorded several until Matt Hunt (then Magdalene Records) called me up in 2000. He said 'Can I send you a check and put Maiden Voyage out again?'.

On the re-release, you might notice the cool picture of the original line up in a cemetery. That was taken in December 1996 and never used. I think the re-release was a good way to put things how they should've been.

Matt sold a bunch pretty fast and asked if there was any unreleased stuff. Me and Simon had unfinished studio tracks, including the stuff with Robert. So I started trying to make something out of the conglomeration. At one point I asked Simon if he could redo a vocal that was missing from the original master. At this time I bought an iMac so I could be on the same page as Sonsongs Studio to help the process. By this time we are in spring 2001.

One thing led to another and Simon commented, 'If were going to do it, then lets redo all the vocals.' Next thing you know, it's a full blown project and "Screaming in Silence" was born. In 2002 we did a new recording, and one concert as 'Subdux'. Later in 2002 Screaming in Silence was officially released.

Heavy Metal, Classic Metal, Hard Rock
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2010 Maiden Voyage (Collector’s Edition) 1087
2010 Screaming In Silence (Collector's Edition) 1178
2007 Wreckage (The Best of & The Rest of) 1521
2007 Full Steam Ahead 1952
2002 Screaming in Silence 1824
2000 Maiden Voyage 1729
1997 2-Song CD Sampler 1326
1996 Maiden Voyage 984
1995 Unsinkable (demo) 911

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