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Oblivion Myth

Proudly waving the Tennessee state flag, the fearsome five piece Power/Prog-Metal Band known to the world as Oblivion Myth find themselves right at home in Nashville, TN - Music City, USA. The brainchild of guitarist Keith Smith, the band has had various incarnations through the years in both Illinois and Florida before taking root in Nashville, early in 2006 when Keith joined forces with young guitar virtuoso Chris Selby and drumming powerhouse Patrick Nickell. The current lineup is fronted by vocalist Ray LeGrand who has rekindled the energy and brought a renewed focus which is driving the band towards a bright future. The 2011 addition of bassist Blake Dellinger has completed this incredible lineup. Blake’s mastery of his instrument brings a highly technical element to the rhythm section that Oblivion Myth fans have never seen or heard until now.

Oblivion Myth has had a productive history. It’s power/thrash metal style has captured audiences throughout the East. Keith Smith, the brainchild of the band, fuses lightning fast guitar riffs with Chris Selby’s solid guitar rhythms to create a truly original metal sound. Add Patrick White’s roaring bass guitar and Patrick Nickell’s thunderous symphony of percussion to create a solid rhythm section. Completing the lineup is Andy Freeman, former lead vocalist of Massacre Recording artist Fatal Opera, which featured Gar Samuelson, original Megadeth drummer. Freeman’s commanding and powerful voice boldly cuts through the layers of metal layed down by his bandmates. Freeman also adds a haunting dimension to the mix with eclectic keyboard sounds.

Power Metal, Progressive Metal
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2016 Inside The Mirror 826
2011 War Child (SINGLE) 1124
2008 Between Light and Shadow 1213
2006 Oblivion Myth 864

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