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Two Dragons

Two Dragons began when Devin Shobe and Joliffe Huber started playing the guitar together and casually writing songs. Devin and Joliffe called themselves “Two Dragons”, a name which they had derived from a scene in the movie “Starsky and Hutch”. After they had a couple of songs completed, they added drummer Logan Keiser to the group, and several months after that, singer Amanda Shobe and bassist Josie Huber completed the band. Devin and Amanda are married and Josie, Joliffe, and Amanda are siblings. As a band, Two Dragons’ plays Christian Metal/Rock songs with complex song structures, challenging guitar arrangements, and melodic, inspired vocals that deliver a positive message to the listener. In October of 2013 Two Dragons recorded their first ever full length album in Nashville with Brandon Howard. The album is set for release in February of 2014. Together Two Dragons longs to bring inspiration to people from the inspiration that has been given to them.

Joliffe Huber
Devin Shobe
Amanda Shobe
Logan Keiser
Jozee Huber

Cleveland, OH
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2014 Where Will We Go 688
2013 Two Dragons 603

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