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Fivestar Prophet

Fivestar Prophet is heavy hitting band from Helsinki, Finland. It's been a long journey to come to the beginning for these guys. Olli the leadsinger of the band had the vision of a rock band singing their hearts out to their Creator. That's why there has been a band called L-60 carrying that mission since 2001. FsP is actually the same line up ( plus and added live guitarist).

In 2008 L-60 seemed tired and frustrated. Many disapointments and ever changing course of music business wore the band out. At the same time there was a growing need within the guys to update the message to be more Christ centered. The music also needed a facelift, but still the band wanted to continue on the old path.

It wasn't until 26th of October 2009, before Olli finally felt "now there needs to be a fullstop"! On that night he wrote a long email to his bandmates and told about this new idea and vision to start up a new band from a "clean table". Everything needed to be renewed, especially the focus. And without a doubt all the members agreed and felt enthusiastic towards this new project, which has soon become their love and passion.

This band is all about the Kingdom! There's no room and need for a rockstar attitude. Fivestar Prophet wants to be a band of servants and not to be served and idolized. There's not enough music out there that has a positive and uplifting message. Fivestars want to make a change. They want to see lifes changed and people getting healed by the power of God.

As far as the music goes it's kinda of hard to put a tag on it. It seems like there's tons of heavy riffs, great big pop-flavored choruses, some ambient and even techno filled keyboards and sounds.... plus some raw and swetty in your face rock energy. The debut album is coming out in the Fall 2010. You can also catch the band live for example in Turku, Finland. Playing on the main stage of one of the biggest Christian music festivals there is in Europe.

Fivestar Prophet is here to set the souls on fire.

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