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Ancient Plague

Ancient Plague was formed in 2007 by Gedaliah, he created this project to embrace his love for dark ambient music. in 2008 he put together a demo which was on the verge of more experimental ambient music. In 2009 Alexis joined Ancient Plague and has taken the band to new levels of music, they now play a combination of orchestral black metal, and ambient dark metal, with
depressive black metal undertones.

The new style Ancient Plague has taken on will be thought provoking, cleaver and even more darkā€¦
Now in 2010 we have released out debut album Archaic Kingdoms on Sullen Records with the addition of Sakara our new clean vocalist. And now our guitarist Olias.

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Year Title Rating Views
2011 Litany of Scars 914
2010 Archaic Kingdoms 940
2010 In The Middle Of Solitude 915
2008 Ancient Plague 902

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