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Spiritual Plague

Spiritual Plague is a Christian band in Vancouver, WA. Their goal is to bring about the awareness of Jesus Christ and to entertain people who like different styles of music.

Spiritual Plague wants to break away from the cardboard cutout bands that all sound the same. If you think about uniqueness, you will realize that it is hard to think of bands that stand out musically. That is why Spiritual Plague feels that music should be more creative, and expressive. The band wants to tie all of these qualities together to make music that everybody can enjoy; music that is interesting and distinct. Spiritual Plague mixes rock, metal, industrial, gothic, and classical to make a unique sound. All of Spiritual Plague's lyrics are inspired by the One who created all life on earth and also by the word that He has given us. Spiritual Plague released a new demo in the summer of 2008 and they are working on new material for 2009.

Spiritual Plague was founded in 2005 by Garrett Olmstead, (Drummer), and Lyndon Lewis, (Guitarist). In 2007 Spiritual Plague added Preston Lewis, (Vocals), Keith Lewis, (Keyboards), and James Olmstead, (Bass).

Melodic Metal, Symphonic Rock
Vancouver, Washington
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 A Part of Me (Single) 681
2013 Volume 1 669
2011 Your Love [Single] 679
2009 The Exodus (EP) 567
2008 Spiritual Plague (demo) 766

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