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Grievance Honor

In spring of 1993 four guys got together for what was to be quite a ride. Rick Mester, Tony Pezzo, Dan Needham, Terry White, and Norm Flamm were about to start their musical careers.

The band was decidedly metal. The idea was to perform and share their faith with all who would listen. GH endured many personnel changes including the tragic death of guitarist Norm Flamm.

Grievance Honor recorded two indie albums (Grindage & Questions of Conscience). Both albums received excellent reviews in HM magazine. The "groove-core" sound proved pretty popular as GH played shows all around the five state area. They opened for national recording acts like Starflyer 59, Plankeye, and Wish For Eden. They were featured on the Fox 30 news cast. They even recorded several videos and an interview for KNLC 24 TV.

Songs like "Ichabod, Agony, and Grievance Honor" were requested frequently on KCLC 89.1 FM radio. But eventually, the band grew weary. In the summer of 1996, Rick Mester decided to leave the band. Guitarist/songwriter Lael Clark left immediately thereafter.

Grindage and Questions of Conscience were available on one CD called The All of... That disk is now out of print.

Groove Metal
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2005 The All of...Grievance Honor 814
1996 Questions of Conscience (demo) 893
1995 Grindage (demo) 881

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