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Lordchain was formed by Jeff Grady and Kelly Matthews in January of 1990 under the name Eternity. Over the next few years, the band would release several demo tapes and play many concert dates with a steadily increasing fan base. A highlight in the band's early career would be opening for Tourniquet, one of the band's biggest influences and one of Christian metal's most popular acts in the 1990's.

The band then placed in MTV's Beach House Band Search in 1994 with the video for "Follow Me", which later appeared on Lordchain's self titled debut CD. (This video is now available for viewing in the video gallery!)

January, 1996 started a new era in the band's history. The name was officially changed to Lordchain and work began on their first full length CD. The line up was Rick Koeshall: vocals, Jeff Grady: guitar, Cris Brown: guitar, David Fain: bass guitar and Kelly Matthews: drums. Lordchain's self titled debut cd was released in 1997 to rave reviews. Another concert highlight would be opening for "Bride" in December of the same year.

1998 saw the departure of vocalist Rick Koeshall and long time guitarist Cris Brown. Guitarist Dale Bassham came on board and the band was renewed with a fire and passion that remains to this day. Lordchain's second album, "Cracked", was released in 2002.

After the recording of the band's third album, "Soulever", in the spring of 2004, David and Dale stepped out of the band. Guitarist Matt Hale and Bassist Adam Rhodes joined and brought an energy to the band like it had never seen. Lordchain's fourth album, "Looking Past The Moment" was released in 2006, once again to critical acclaim.

In November of 2007 Lordchain released a fifth album titled "Finding Balance" which was a darker, more modern sounding project.

The sixth Lordchain CD "What is, What Was" came out in the summer of 2010. This old meets new album celebrates the band's 20 year history with re-recorded classics as well as brand new material.

In 2010 the line up changed again. Lordchain is now: Jeff Grady - Guitar; Matthew Jones - Guitar & Keyboards; Lily Sain - Bass Guitar; Kelly Matthews - Drums & Vocals .

For all these years Lordchain has stayed true to their faith, their fans and themselves. A loyal fan base has helped the band grow and develop. With each album release and live concert, the story continues on. Uncompromising hard rock/metal. This is Lordchain.

Progressive Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2019 Civil War 87
2018 Cracked Reborn 425
2018 Lordchain Praise-For the Love of God (EP) 80
2010 What Is What Was 891
2007 Finding Balance 1103
2006 Looking Past the Moment 1131
2004 Soulever 1189
2002 Cracked 1192
1997 Lordchain 1003

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