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From the band's Myspace:
Formed at - and later expelled by - a fundamentalist bible school in 1996, Detholz! (pronounced 'Death Holes!') originally formed as a way for its members to vent anger and frustration with their evangelical upbringings and to make sense of their 'double lives,' which to this day straddle a fence between 'Religion' and 'Reality.'

Detholz! draws from a broad range of pop and avant garde music and personal histories defined by arcane religious subculture. The result is something that has consistently defied easy categorization and always produced the strongest of reactions, including accusations and threats of arrest for 'Satanic Worship', prayer circles at shows both for and against the band, and heated (sometimes physical) exchanges pitting fans vs. detractors (and sometimes fans vs. fans).

Laboring happily underground since its inception, Detholz! has toured extensively, with bands such as Wilco, Danielson Familie, Weird War, Radio 4, The French Kicks, Electric Six, The Blacks and Thunderbirds Are Now. Individually, members have written, recorded and toured with artists such as The Staples Singers, Bobby Conn, and Baby Teeth.

Their latest full-length, Cast Out Devils, was released on Halloween, October 31st 2006.

From Wikipedia:
"Detholz!" is pronounced as "Death Holes." An individual member of the band is referred to as a "Dethole," similarly pronounced as "Death Hole." The band previously used the word "The" at the beginning of their name, but they have recently abandoned it, as is clear on their official website and MySpace page.

Frontman Jim Cooper was a founding member of the DC hardcore band, Frodus.

New Wave, Indie Rock, Alternative
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2008 Jukebox of the Dead Volume 2 - You: the Power of You 773
2006 Cast Out Devils 805
2006 Relics 821
2005 Jukebox of the Dead 724
2004 3 Song Eggs 1071
2004 The Detholz! Live at the Metro 06/15/2004 896
2002 Who Are The Detholz!? 749
1999 Employee Primer 729
1997 Science of the Senses 759

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