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The Eternal Chapter

The Eternal Chapter was a traditional gothic rock band from Johannesburg in South Africa. It was a labour of love for three musicians who were inspired by the sounds of good old fashioned goth in the face of the EBM onslaught that engulfed the underground scene. The band started in 1996 when Jaco V and Michael T came together to to let off some steam. They were then joined by vocalist Thomas W in 1997. Over time, the band became more than just a hobby and produced a demo album and contributed to several international compilations. Live gigs came as did tours to Cape Town. Unfortunately the band never made it overseas despite several invitations. The Eternal Chapter played a live show on 5fm (one of South Africa's national radio stations) at the request of the inimitable Barney Simon. The band broke up when Thomas went overseas to pursue his studies. A few years later Jaco V died tragically.

Gothic Rock, Metal
Johannesburg, South Africa
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