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Failure To Excel

An imaginative, lively style with an exertion of force - this is the definition of ENERGY. This is the elucidation of FAILURE TO EXCEL

Failure To Excel, a promising, young band out of Baltimore, Maryland has been thrilling audiences with their rock sound and their energetic live show, throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, since February of 2006. Their music, described as melodic heavy rock, will have your heart pounding, not only because of the beat and breakdowns, but because the lyrics will touch you in profound ways. Failure To Excel’s goal is to reach teens with a message of hope and faith, letting them know that there is a better way to live than the ways portrayed by the media. The band chose its name to express their feelings that you cannot excel until you give your life completely to God, the driving force behind the band.

Their debut EP, Mistakes of A Pride Driven Heart was released in the fall of 2006 and has received airplay on several Christian and secular radio stations. This exposure has given the band many amazing opportunities to share the stage with some of Christian rock’s most talented performers. Watching the conduct of these professional musicians has helped F2E realize that this is not the easiest way to earn a living, but one of sacrifice and ministry, and these men are ready to accept that challenge.

Growing pains and line up changes in 2008 has helped their sound to mature, but they have not strayed too far from their hard rock sound, and electrifying stage show. Their sophomore EP Rise From The Ashes will be released in the fall of 2008 and the band is excited to see where God will lead them in the future.

Failure To Excel is continuing full force. They plan to tour full time after the release of their newest EP. They know there will be trials and challenges, but they are ready to accept whatever comes their way, praying that their faith can be proved genuine, and knowing that God is on their side.

“It is our biggest hope that Failure To Excel's tunes will get into your head and your heart.”

Modern Rock
Delaware, Maryland, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2008 Rise From the Ashes 737
2006 Mistakes Of A Pride Driven Heart 804
T'was the EP B4 Christmas 670

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