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Neon Cross

Morphed out of the band 'Quality Trash' with PK Mitchell

During his senior year of high school P.K. formed a band with fellow guitarist and best friend Don Webster (Neon Cross), they called their first band incarnation "Quality Trash" a pseudo rock/punk outfit doing covers and original material, with the advent of both PK and his friend Don becoming born again Christians in 1981, quality trash eventually morphed in 1982 into what is now the Neon Cross band. P.K. wrote, recorded, and performed with Neon Cross through much of the 1980's, releasing their debut 4 song EP "Frontline Life" in 1984, and later their Self titled debut album "Neon Cross" for Regency Records in 1987.

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Neon Cross also have contributed:

Two classic songs on "California Metal" (1987)
One song on Ultimate Metal (1989)
Three songs on "Premium Cuts" (1994)
Two songs on Rugged Cuts (1995)
Glory Rock (2008)

heavy metal, Power Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2019 Neon Cross (Remaster) 177
2001 Neon Cross (re-issue) 1568
1995 Torn 9608
1988 Neon Cross 3150
1987 Frontline Life (demo) 1586

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