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Dysfunctional Rotout

Welcome to Dysfunctional Rotout! We are an extreme underground death/thrash metal project from Unionville, Tennessee. We are brothers who record our music out of the deep, dark depths of doom from Matthew's bedroom! We are a Christian based project and we're currently recording our first release "Brutal Disfiguration From The Holy Bell." We have a seven track demo available; if you would like a FREE copy of it, let us know! If you are in a band and you are interested in trading demos, that will work too. Thanks! "If Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness." Romans 8:10

Death Metal
Unionville, Tennessee, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2009 The Three Chapters of a Blissful Grace 736
2009 Cow Rot (3-Way Split) 719
2009 The Devouring Feed [Demo] 705
2009 Dysfunctional Rotout [Demo] 756

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