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Love Life

Love Life was a pop-metal band along the lines of Bon Jovi, with a slightly more blues-influenced sound. They seem to stick out on a label that is mostly known for more alternative music, but it should be noted that Blonde Vinyl tried to be a diverse label, and not just an alternative label. When seen from that angle, bands like Love Life and Sass O'Frass Tunic fit in just fine.

Larry Worley - vocals, guitars
Darin Eby - guitar
Rod Romero - bass, bgv's
Gary Hanson - drums, bgv's

Changed name to Fear Not and released one album on Pakaderm Records in 1993 with a different guitarist.

Larry Worley sang lead vocals on Robert Sweet's (of Stryper fame) solo album Love Trash.

Pop Metal
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2019 Goodbye Lady Jane (Reissue) 293
2019 Goodbye Lady Jane (Reissue Black Vinyl LP) 233
2019 Goodbye Lady Jane (Reissue Gold Vinyl LP) 244
1991 Goodbye Lady Jane 2146

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