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Sulphur Grace

Sulphur Grace was originally formed in 2005; since then, it has gone through numerous name and sound changes before evolving into what it is now. I have always been at the heart of Sulphur Grace and plan on keeping it that way unless any other conviction telling me otherwise would happen to come along.

The project's debut album, From the Ashes of This World, was recorded in July of 2008 under extreme circumstances; the pressure of the recording situation can be clearly seen in the raw performance of the songs and wild-eyed energy. That album is still available, for those who are interested in a copy. Many of the riffs and song structures date back to the origins of this project, and the evolution of the project's sound can be heard even on the album. I must make it known, however, that this album is is no way representative of what Sulphur Grace is now. The lyrics and music were written at a totally different point in my life and have no bearing on the project now.

I began writing new material sometime in the spring/summer of 2008 (since the album had been finished and shelved for recording for some time); it was around this time that I became a new convert to Christianity, and it has always been my aim since then to express my new-found faith through my music without coming off in a heavily evangelistic or self-righteous manner. Musically, I had wanted to move into a more chaotic direction with the sound. From the Ashes of This World was mostly a black metal album, but with the new material, I wanted to move in a direction which expressed the urgency of the lyrics. I've always loved punk, particularly crust punk; and even when I was writing the first album, I wanted to find a way to integrate crust punk into the project's sound. Slowly but surely, this found its way into the new songs, and I am satisfied with the direction I'm headed, musically speaking. Sulphur Grace has always been about trying to find a nice combination of metal, punk, and whatever else I feel like throwing in; and the sound has blossomed beyond what I originally thought it would. These new demo tracks are by many means my "babies," products of long hours of frustration, spiritual warfare, and contemplation.

Although this is by nature a Christian project, I will by no means cut anyone off for different beliefs or perspectives. It is my hope that ALL OF YOU who have listened to this project have found a shred of comfort in knowing that we all fight the same battles; we are all human and not immune from the hardships of life. Take care.

Dustin Grooms/Sulphur Grace

Because "From the Ashes Of This World" is not a faith-based release, please do not add it to the vault.

Thrash Metal, Crust Punk
Piketon, Ohio, USA
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