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Pÿlon (Pylon)

Traditional Doom Metal!!

From Angelic Warlord:

Switzerland's Pÿlon came together in 2002 when it was founded by guitarist Matt Brand and drummer Tinu Christen. Later solidifying its line up with the addition of bassist Jan Thomas, Pÿlon proceeded to record its full length, Natural Songbirth, in 2004 prior to the release of a very fine sophomore effort entitled The Eternal Wedding Band two years later. What we have in Pÿlon is a doom based sound drawing upon the influences of Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus, the deluge of plodding riffs and down tuned low end heaviness delivered by the band certain to also attract the interest of those into Place Of Skulls, Faith, Troglodyte Dawn and Babylon Mystery Orchestra. But enough melody imbues the music of Pÿlon, at the same time, that fans of classic metal or even traditional hard rock should be able to find a home here as well.

While Pÿlon is not a Christian band, guitarist Matt Brand credits "God (JC) the Creator and giver of life, for His endless love, guidance and inspiration" and is a believer.
Addendum Feb 5, 2014 from Matt Brand
"Pylon can be considered a Christian band, since me, Matt, am the owner and leader of the band, and am a Christian!

In the actual lineup only me and the singer Jordan are Christians, the other (session) musicians are atheists."

Doom, Doom Metal
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