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Nomad Son

Formed in early 2006, doom metal band Nomad Son brings together the creative forces of Jordan Cutajar (vox), Chris Grech (guitars), Julian Grech (keyboards), Edward Magri (drums) (all members of Frenzy Mono - one of Malta's most prolific heavy rock bands), and Albert Bell, a veteran of the Maltese metal scene and bassist with Forsaken (now established at the forefront of the European doom scene) since 1991.

The inception of the band owes much to Temple Studios owner and music production guru David Vella. While Frenzy Mono were recording their debut album Unorthodox, David deciphered another, darker and meaner dimension to the band which could be nurtured to develop into a doom metal oriented project, distinct from the traditional rock edge of the guys' musical endeavours to date. One phone call away, Albert responded to David Vella and Frenzy Mono's invitation to team up for a studio recorded jam, which resulted into two molten, raw, hammond-driven doom laden tracks in one afternoon session!! Enthused by the result of this session, the strong vibe that each of the guys felt during their jams, and moreover, mutual respect for each member's creative abilities, the guys continued to rehearse and build their repertoire in between meeting their commitments with their main bands.

What had simply started as a studio jam/project - Nomad Son - has now developed into a fully-fledged doom band with a characteristic sound drawing influence from the trailblazing sounds of Black Sabbath and other 70s classic bands, 80s heavy metal and milestone doom acts such as Candlemass, Pentagram and Trouble! The band shall be debuting live this fall and aims to release its first recording output in 2008/09. Expect no quarter! Enter the domain of Nomad Son's world of apocalytpic, heavy doom!

Doom, Doom Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2013 The Darkening 1170
2013 First Light/Pilgrimages of Doom (DVD) 1004
2011 The Eternal Return (Vinyl) 1004
2010 The Eternal Return (CD) 1350
2009 First LIght (Vinyl) 910
2008 First Light (CD) 1259

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