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Renowned as one of Sweden's first doom metal bands, Faith was founded back in 1984 by guitarist Roger Johansson, vocalist and bassist Christer Nilsson and drummer Peter Svensson. Over the next several years the three, despite a constantly revolving line-up, managed to record two demo tapes (Faith and Insanity) in addition to a two song single entitled Hymn Of The Sinner. Faith went on a seven year hiatus until 1995 when it re-united to put together its third demo, In The 12th Hour, only to again be put on hold indefinitely. The winter of 2002, however, saw Roger, Christer and Peter resurrect Faith once more, this time to record the bands 2003 full length debut Salvation Lies Within before following up two years later with a sophomore effort entitled Sorg.

Doom, Progressive Doom, Doom Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 Decades Of Despair 644
2008 Blessed? 656
2005 Sorg 664
2003 Salvation Lies Within 665
1995 In the 12th Hour 477
1986 Hymn of the Sinner (single) 419
1986 Insanity (demo) 367
1985 Faith (demo) 386

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