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Christian Heavy metal from California. EMERALD was founded during 1978 by the teenage guitar player Dave Enos and lead vocalist Larry Phillips. The 'Armed For Battle' recording sessions would see bass player Roger Dale Martin in the studio for six songs until he left, relocating to Los Angeles to join the now infamous Vengeance Rising. The band then enlisted Joe Palma to complete bass parts. (Roger Dale later went on to join Die Happy and Once Dead.)

The album emerged in early 1987, nearly a full year after commencement of recording, but EMERALD called it a day in November 1988. Drummer Kyle Morrett would join SACRED FAITH whilst Enos created LAST DAZE.

Last known line-up
Larry Philips - vocals
Dave Enos - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Joe Palma - bass
Kyle Morrett - drums, keyboards

Former/past member(s)
Roger Dale Martin - bass (Vengeance Rising/Die Happy/Once Dead)

glam metal, heavy metal
California, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2018 Armed For Battle (Reissue) 249
2018 Armed For Battle (Reissue Vinyl LP) 224
2001 Armed For Battle / Selah 1891
1986 Armed for Battle 1664
1984 Demos 1984 1069

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