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Out of the wellspring of Aneirin’s heart comes a cry, a scream for life, a scream for new beginnings, and a desire to lead the way to healing for those with broken hearts, broken hearts in need of life, love, and hope!

The definition of the word Aneirin is poetry and has an even deeper story to tell of a man, a hero who bravely fought in fierce battles to free his fellow country men from oppression in 6th century Wales, and against all odds was one of three men to survive. It is said of Aneirin in Welsh folklore that he was "a prince of bards" and "his poetry was of flowing verse." The “Book of Aneirin” is a series of elegies telling tales of heroic warriors of the Kingdom of Gododdon who fought to their death’s to preserve their lives from the attacking Anglicans. Aneirin then spent the rest of his days proclaiming their tales by means of spoken poetry from town to town to urge the people onward to battle for victory and freedom.

The band Aneirin is comprised of six men: Corey Highland, Blake Shafer, Brandon Fingerman, Johnny Reese, Jered Youngbar & Dalton Perry who are determined to use their music to encourage, bless and strengthen those who have ears to hear their message of life and rebirth in Jesus Christ who came to give life through his sacrifice and resurrection for all who are willing to give of their life to love others.

There is a war being raged in the heavens for the hearts of men, these men have chosen to bring love for those who have been broken and hopeless for far too long


Hardcore, Metalcore, Screamo
Frederick, Maryland
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