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Sit At My Right Hand

My message is ultimately one of hope. There is no need to suffer alone through anything.

My lyrics deal with loss, pain, and tough times, war, and similar themes. I do find strength in Christ, so my lyrics are about the hope found in Him as well.

This band is comprised solely of me, Jon. Although, I do have a track which features my friend Edward Pharr on drums. He is awesome. If you want to hear more, my CD has full artwork and is 11 tracks and is only 5 dollars, basically to cover shipping and the cost of printing it.

Thank you, guys.

And if you ever need to talk about anything, Christ, randomness, or just need someone to yell at, feel free to!
Keep it brutal.

Death metal, experimental
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
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2008 There Is More Than One Way Out 6487
Sit At My Right Hand 647

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