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Endeavor the Seas

There is this overwhelming sense of hopelessness that pervades the mind when the world of music is given enough thought. Every single riff, and lyric we write, will be one day forgotten, lost to time and distant memories. We will grow old, and our kids may marvel at the fact that we played rock music, but they won't give it too much thought, and their kids will think nothing of it at all. We are just another generation of musicians, hoping to make something of their music. But what are we making? Just one more melody to be added to the millions of others? One more catchy, deep phrase, to stick in someone's mind for a few minutes? There's got to be so much more to this. Lets talk about what we(us, and you) believe. And lets talk about how we can make what we believe actually affect the world for the better, to feed the hungry, bring hope to the hopeless, honor to the fallen, dignity to the dirty. Lets talk about our beloved Bible, but lets also talk about how the preacher you heard way back when or the friend who stabbed you in the back gave you a bad taste in your mouth for this "Christianity". Lets do something more, something greater, learning from, but leaving behind, those things in our past that hold us back, be it from ourselves or others, and run to this light, this future. Lets make a difference.

Progressive Experimental Hardcore
Lynchburg, VA
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